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Guido Mattei

Guido Mattei is an environmental expert with 16 years of experience. He is highly experienced in: Environmental management, Urban sustainable development, Air, Renewable energies, Energy efficiency, R&D, Energy policies, Climate Change, GHGs, regional development, energy financing, CDM, sustainable development.

He is also expert in international evaluation procedures, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), PCM Project Cycle Management, LogFrame, ROM, PRAG, EU procurement, SME finance, business administration, IPCC, LEED, CSO and Gender issues.

Guido has a Bachelor and Master Degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering (2002), and a PhD in Energy (2008) from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” Italy, from University of Rome “La Sapienza” Italy, a Diploma in Solar Energy from Roma Province Administration, further Diplomas in Environmental Enterprise, Safety and Environmental Protection, and in Project Management, a professional course in Climate Change from Exeter University UK. His professional associations include:

  • Member of UNECE GERE (Group of Expert on Renewable Energy)
  • Member of UNOSP Infrastructure Advisor Pool of Experts SIPG (Sustainable Infrastructure Practice Group)
  • Associated member of CIRPS Inter University Research Centre for Sustainable Development
  • Member of ECPMA European Community Project Managers Association
  • Member of EU-GCC Clean Energy Network II
  • Member of MEDIES Mediterranean Education Initiative for Environment and Sustainability
  • Member of Climate Change Economist web community
  • Member of AESP Association of Energy Services Professionals
  • Member of ALER Alliance for Rural Electrification
  • Member of CIPORE Caribbean Platform on Renewable Energies
  • Member of UNFCCC JI web community

Guido is Italian and also speaks English and French.