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Practical Aspects of Negotiating Gas Supply

A ten-day certificated course giving practical aspects of negotiating Gas Supply Agreements (GSAs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Corporate Training Programme

(Ten Days)


A ten-day certificated course giving practical aspects of negotiating Gas Supply Agreements (GSAs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

This course is suitable for anyone involved in negotiating gas supply and/or power agreements.


With the fast growing gas to power market, understanding how contractually to move gas from producers to consumers and convert it into power on a long term basis is crucially important. This course has two stages:

Week One: laying the foundation, the details of PPA agreements

Week Two: the practice, learning and practicing negotiation skills

It will include practical negotiation skills and interactive exercises and a contract negotiation business game.

Course objectives

After completing this course, delegates will have an understanding of constructing GSAs and PPAs, and an understanding of contractually how gas moves through the energy chain.

Who will benefit?

Company executives, government and parastatal officials involved in preparing, negotiating or implementing Power Purchase Agreements or Gas Supply Agreements, with the regulation or commercial management of energy enterprises, or negotiating contracts of any type in the energy sector.

Previous experience

No previous experience is needed.


1. Overview of Nigerian Energy Markets

2. Legal and Regulatory Framework and Contract Design

Legal Framework (Nigerian electricity law, legal issues); Regulatory framework (general principles, licences, system access and congestion management, tariff design); Contract design (general principles, contractual frameworks)

3. Structure of Gas Supply and Power Purchase Agreements

Sector structures and agreements (Gas Sales Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, transportation agreements, take or pay agreements, structure of long term contracts, power purchasing); Standard terms and conditions; Dispute resolution and renegotiating contracts

4. Analysis of Case Study GSAs and PPAs

Country case studies; Detailed example GSAs and PPAs; Case law

5. Power Project Financing

Financial instruments; Risks; Insurance; Legal issues; Project coordination; Syndication processes

6. Negotiation Theory and Practice

Negotiation process; Negotiations and conflict management styles; Art and science of persuasion; Personal negotiation competences and preferences; Preparation; Understanding interests of all parties; Claiming value to creating value; Winning, losing, compromise and consensus; Leaving value on the table; Creating common ground; Team composition; Recognising and managing potential conflicts

7. Negotiating Tactics

Learning practical negotiation tactics; Counter negotiation tactics; Creativity in negotiations (creating options); Using and countering power; Learning from previous or current negotiations

8. Application to GSAs and PPAs

Best practice tools for negotiating GSAs and PPAs; Long term agreements; Disputes and renegotiating

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