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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Petroleum

The course has three main aims:
Theory of KPIs: To describe and explain the theory and concepts behind KPIs;
Downstream petroleum: To

Corporate Training Programme

(Five or Ten Days)


The course has three main aims:

  1. Theory of KPIs: To describe and explain the theory and concepts behind KPIs;
  2. Downstream petroleum: To relate KPIs to the petroleum industry, designed for downstream petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas, also relevant upstream areas;
  3. Practical exercises: To enable delegates to start to design KPIs for their own work environment.

Course objectives

After completing this course…

Who will benefit?


Previous experience

No previous experience is needed.


Theory and Concepts of KPIs

1. Introduction

Participants’ current understanding of KPIs;

How bad KPIs affect organisations

2. Concepts

Results Indicators; Key Results Indicator; Performance Indicator; Key Performance Indicator; Comparing KRIs and KPIs; Leading and lagging KPIs; Best practice toolkits; Foundation stones for implementing KPIs; Management models that influence KPIs; Dashboards; Benchmarking; Myths about KPIs

3. Balanced Scorecard

Financial; Customer; Internal process; Learning and growth; Flowchart; Common balanced scorecard measures; Strategy and the balanced scorecard; Times measures

4. Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators

Strategic planning process; Critical Success Factors; Cascade process; CSFs and KPIs; Determining KPIs

Downstream and Upstream Petroleum Industry KPIs

5. Petroleum Industry KPIs

Financial measures; Standard accounting ratios; Margin efficiency ratios; Non-financial efficiency measures; Operational petroleum KPIs; Balanced score card for petroleum industry companies; transporters; Distributors, Retailers

6. KPIs for Safety

Cullen Report; Incidents and Accidents (RIDDOR); International Association of Oil and Gas Producers KPIs; Accident monitoring triangle; Asset integrity KPIs; Hydrocarbon releases; Verification non-compliance; Safety critical backlog; Production dashboards

Case Studies

7. Case Studies

British Airways (BA); British Telecom (BT);

Tullow Oil; Centrica; Snam;

A gas distributor;

Piper Alpha; Talisman Energy; Maersk Oil North Sea Oil Limited; British Petroleum (BP), Texas City and US safety experience; Shell Rigs Global KPIs, contractor management;

Practical Sessions

8. Designing CSFs and KPIs

Exercises: Designing your own organisation’s CSFs and KPIs;

Corporate; Departmental; Individual

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