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Fundamentals of Energy and Utility Regulations

 Five Day Corporate Training Programme in 

Barcelona October 02 – 06,   

London October 30 – November 03

Course Length: Five Days


To provide participants with a solid foundation in the principles, concepts, and practices related to energy and utility regulation and enhance participants’ knowledge and comprehension of the regulatory frameworks, policies, and processes that govern the energy and utility sectors and to understand economic and financial principles, analyzing market structures, evaluating regulatory frameworks, and grasping emerging trends and challenges.

We aim to empower participants with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to navigate the evolving energy and utility regulatory landscape and contribute to the efficient, sustainable, and equitable functioning of these sectors.

Course Overview:

A five day certificated course introducing energy and utility regulation. This course is suitable for professionals working in regulatory bodies, energy utilities, government agencies, legal firms, consulting firms, and other relevant organizations to expand their professional network, exchange experiences, and share best practices. It offers opportunities for collaboration and learning from peers and industry experts.

Course Outcomes: 

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills in:

  • Energy and utility regulation: The fundamental concepts 
    • Understand value chain
    • Identify the types of pricing and strategies
    • Implement tariff design principals
    • Discover types of final tariff
    • Identify cost allocation methodologies
    • Explore international comparisons
  • Case studies: To present relevant examples from around the world;
  • Practical exercises: To enable delegates to put into practice the theory they are learning;
  • Business game: Practice skills in a simulated energy business or project development.

Program Tuition: We can train up to 15-25 people together at a go., with a minimum of 5. The seminar will start at 9:00 AM and will finish at 5:00 PM on each day, with an hour for lunch. The fee includes program tuition; conference venue; daytime meals on programme days including refreshment breaks; welcome reception and closing awards reception; classroom materials. Attendees also receive a professionally produced seminar manual and bag that can serve as valuable office references. Programme fees vary according to the number of attendees. For a 5 day course they are:

5 to 10 attendees: £4200 per person (minimum 5 attendees);

10 to 15 attendees: £4000 per person

15 to 25 attendees: £3600 per person

Delegates personal accommodation, transport costs and evening meals are not included

Topics Covered 

  1. Overview of Energy and Utility Markets
  1. Legal Framework and Contract Design

Legal Framework (national law, legal issues); Regulatory framework (general principles, licences, overview of tariff design); Contract design (general principles, contractual frameworks)

  1. Regulatory Framework

Development of regulation; Monopoly markets and development of competition; Alternative types of regulation; International examples of electricity sector regulation; Regulatory framework; Licences; Nox`n economic regulation; Congestion management and managing access to constrained systems


  1. Organisation

Types of energy and utility regulator; Role and scope of the regulator; Organisation and structure; Reporting structure

  1. Congestion Management

Main Concepts; Third party and open access; Network codes, International and multi sector examples 

  1. Pricing and Tariffs

Components of the price; Types of price regulation; Tariff design principles; Pricing strategies; Cost of service tariff design; Comparison of international prices and regulations

Course Style: 

We encourage an interactive approach where participants can question what is going on, take the programme at their own pace, and improve learning through practice.  We provide learning through: 

  • Formal training through presentations and explanations 
  • Discussions – question and answer sessions plus group discussions of particular topics 
  • Case studies – real life examples to help learning, making use of international best practice, most drawn from trainers’ personal experiences 
  • Practical exercises and other interactive sessions where participants will be able to practice for themselves during the course 
  • Simulation exercises and business games where delegates will be able to 

practice their learning in simulated real life situations 

  • Feedback – course leaders will provide constructive feedback and individual support to delegates where it is needed 
  • Guest speakers – depending on the particular course and the arrangements, we can also make use of our extensive network of senior executives and associates, to speak from their personal experience of the energy business or of negotiations, including from our Senior Professional Associates 


Application can be made online through our website www.energymarketsglobal.com or email to enquiries@energymarketsglobal.com. 

Payments and Cancellations

Complete booking form and return for an acceptance letter, upon receipt 50% of fee is required and remainder fees to be settled at least 14 days in advance. All prices plus VAT and local taxes at prevailing national or international rate.

Note: There is no UK VAT for courses held outside the UK.

All courses must be paid for in advance of the course.

Payment needs to be received at least 14 days before course begins. Bookings cannot be confirmed until payment in full is made.

Bank transfer to our corporate bank account, as stated on invoice or please contact us for details.

Classes are daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., unless otherwise arranged with delegates. On occasion there may be overnight exercises for delegates.


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