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Business Development in Oil and Gas

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn about oil and gas sector commercial arrangements, regulation and marketing.

Corporate Training Programme

(Five or Ten Days)


This course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn about oil and gas sector commercial arrangements, regulation and marketing.

Course objectives

After completing this course, each student will have a practical understanding of the commercial issues of developing oil and gas sector enterprises.

Who will benefit?

Government and parastatal officials involved in the regulation of energy or gas enterprises, company executives involved in regulated activities, and operational managers, all of whom deal with regulation or its effects in their daily operational roles.

Previous experience

No previous experience is needed.



Business Development Skills and why they are important

Petroleum Value Chain

Petroleum industry chain; Oil, Oil products, Gas, LNG

Petroleum Industry Structure

Development of the international petroleum industry; World oil and gas industry today

Global petroleum industry: global challenges facing the industry; Major players and their strategies; Petroleum project phases and business cycle; Project development process; Bidding process; Project Development and Management

Project Development

Petroleum project phases; Project development process; Bidding process

Economic Concepts

What investors look for; Pricing concepts; Take or Pay; Pipeline Access


Factors affecting market pricing; Components of the price; Introduction to regulated pricing; Tariff principles

Risk Analysis and Project Appraisal

Risk analysis; Methods of project appraisal; Components of gas business cash flow; Discounted Cash Flow

Negotiating Skills

The art and science of negotiation; Negotiating process: Achieving meaningful and lasting agreements; Conflict handling modes; Negotiating tactics; Negotiating gas sales and purchase agreements

Regulatory Framework

Gas industry structure models; Gas industry life cycle; Alternatives for regulation; Regulation for investment and growth; Concepts for utility regulation; Economic and non-economic regulation

Legal and Contractual Framework

International contractual framework; Petroleum sector contracts (Equity Joint Ventures, Lease agreements, Concessions, Production Sharing Contracts, Risk service agreements); Contracts and agreements (Partnership agreements Ownership and access concepts)

Contracts and Agreements

Contracts needed in a project development; Access regimes; Long term contracts; Contractual definitions; Key contractual terms

Case studies and practical sessions

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