Energy Markets Global Limited is an international energy consultancy and training company incorporated in the UK. The name “Energy Markets” reflects our philosophy of understanding, introducing and developing markets in energy for clients throughout the world.

We offer training, advisory and implementation services in:

  • Corporate Executive Training
  • Energy Consultancy
  • Project Implementation

Our Mission

  • To bring global expertise to local markets
  • At Energy Markets Global, we are passionate about making a difference in the lives of people and countries we serve. We want to make the world a better place.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading global driver of change and development in emerging and liberalising markets.

Our Expertise

Energy Markets Global cover all aspects of midstream and downstream energy markets. We concentrate on the legal, regulatory, commercial, economic, policy and project development aspects of international energy business, plus gas and power engineering. Our focus is international and our expertise is provided by a team of energy industry experts who have considerable practical industry experience across all areas of the value chain.

Energy Markets Global have considerable experience throughout the world and in both the private and public sectors. Our experience covers the developed and deregulated markets of the UK and North America, currently deregulating and emerging gas markets throughout Europe, South East Asia and Latin America, plus extensive experience in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.

Based on our considerable international experience and expertise, we have a unique understanding of how local energy markets operate in countries and regions throughout the world.

The Company’s highlights

The Energy Markets brand and business has been operating since 1997, with the same core shareholders. Energy Markets Limited was founded in 1997. In 2005 the business was transferred to Energy Markets International Limited and Energy Markets Limited was wound up shortly after. Energy Markets Global Limited was founded in April 2013 and inherits the business of Energy Markets International Limited.

Energy Markets Global Limited inherits and continues the same business as Energy Markets International Limited before and Energy Markets Limited before that but with a change of some shareholders a new legal entity was formed each time.

Energy Markets Global provides services to private and public organisations, mainly in emerging markets, in midstream and downstream energy, energy consultancy, corporate and executive training, project implementation.
We advise on building Energy markets, local content development, training and capacity building, and supervision of actual implementation of projects to build energy markets in emerging market economies.

We have international industry experts with considerable practical industry experience across all areas of the value chain of Energy.


What we do is different from what most advisory and training companies do. The world is too often poorly served by international advisory and capacity building companies:

  1. They pay too little attention to the particular aspects of the local market, including the practicalities of how recommendations can be implemented;
  2. They bring their own national experiences and simply try to impose their own mature country’s model on a very different emerging market country;
  3. They advertise one set of senior experts in their proposal and then, having won the project, put more junior people to work on it;
  4. They spend too little time in country with the client, and instead carry out desktop studies from their home offices;
  5. They rarely understand enough about the local market, and sometimes do not even care;
  6. The care for and work for the contracted requirements of the funder (whoever is paying for their services) and pay little attention to the needs of the people who really need the help;
  7. They meet the terms of reference from the client make little effort to understand what the client really wants or needs;
  8. They meet the terms of reference or their contract without any flexibility to deal with changes in the client environment or client needs;
  9. They rarely provide that added value that can make a real change.


As a general rule of thumb, the larger the company, the more likely they are to suffer from these failings.

In Energy Markets Global, we do things differently. Our mission is to make a difference. We use the best of global expertise and combine it with a real in depth understanding of the client local national environment. We add value by bringing global expertise to local markets, both in advisory work, and in capacity building and training. We make our global expertise relevant to the local market.


At Energy Markets Global, we have been bringing the best of global advisory and capacity building expertise to local markets, in sometimes very challenging environments, over the past 20 years.

Energy Markets Global is different from other international consultancy and training companies. We are unique, because:

  • What makes us truly different is that all our experts know the country they work in very well. We understand how to work with the government sector, the private sector, corporate training needs and cultural aspects. We apply our international expertise to our clients’ particular national situation.
  • We bring first world developed market expertise to emerging or liberalising markets anywhere in the world, including some challenging environments;
  • We make a real effort, uniquely among international advisory and capacity building companies, to understand the local environment. As a global company, we become a local company;
  • We are flexible in our approach, our understanding of client needs and how we respond to client needs. We adjust our work programme if necessary, even after contract signature, so as to adapt to changing client needs and the client’s environment;
  • We find out what is really needed by the client, and then we work hard to find a unique solution to national client needs;
  • We understand and work hard to meet the needs of all our clients:
    1. The funder, who is paying and contracting for the service;
    2. The client or beneficiary, the institution officially benefiting from our support;
    3. Our partners;
    4. The ultimate client, the ones working hard every day, the ones with the real problems. These are the clients who are most often ignored by international advisers but they are the ones with the greatest need, and they are the ones we help and support on a day to day basis during our projects;
  • Clients and delegates are often very impressed when they find out our depth of knowledge of their own national corporate environment. We sometimes know more than our delegates about their own organisation;
  • We make our training programmes relevant to the local corporation, with case studies, exercises and business games designed to be relevant to their own organisation;
  • We often beat the biggest international consultancies in public tenders because we understand much better how the market work in challenging countries, and so we can offer exactly what is needed;
  • We offer the best of global expertise, experience and models, and make it relevant for the local and national environment.